The second primary training of for the Perkin Elmer High Content Screening System-Opera Phenix will coming

There will be the second primary training for the Perkin Elmer High Content Screening System, Opera Phenix, on April 17th 14:00 (Friday ). Based on the dual-spinning disk scanning laser confocal system, Opera Phenix improves the imaging speed and sensitivity while reducing the effects of phototoxicity and photobleaching on samples. Meanwhile, equipped with the powerful Harmony software, this system provides a variety of solutions for automatic, high-speed and high-resolution imaging screening. 


1.       Introduce the the principle and application of Opera Phenix

2.       Demonstrate the Opera Phenix operation and common data analysis methods

3.       Exercise

Due to the limited space, the number of trainees is 3-5 each time,which in order to the registration.

Welcome to join the training. Please submit the information form when signing up.

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